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Sewing has been a great passion of mine for almost 40 years.

I started sewing at the age of 10, I took a class to earn a badge for Girl Scouts, and I was hooked! After that my parents sent me to a Stretch-n-Sew class, there I learned to design patterns to fit each person individually. Designing my own patterns stimulated and encouraged me to more ambitious projects.

I love to take a pattern and change it up a little to add my own flare to it, or combine a couple of patterns to get just the style I want. I have sewn everything from boat covers to formal wear and even a customized bathing suite for Fitness USA Pageant contestants. Over the years I have sewn for weddings, graduations, Proms, Cheerleading/Poms, Dancewear and new babies.

Often times I take a dress and with a tuck here and there and some additions I recreate the dress to be unique for its wearer and that special occasion.

Off rack clothing usually needs little adjustments since all people are not created equal! Altering clothes to fit the unique needs of my clients is my way of helping my clients feel good and confident in their appearance.

Along with sewing I have a passion for color and design. I have enjoyed decorating many homes. Each new empty room presents a challenge to change, add and transform it to my client’s needs. To decorate does not have to cost a fortune. There are numerous ways to keep the expenses down and I am quite experienced in helping my clients decorate on a shoe string or when the sky is the roof.

Basic Standard Rates:

Standard rate for sewing is $45 per hour, some custom designing or difficult fabrics may run more

Basic Jeans Hem:  $25 - this includes matching the thread as the original hem had.

Dress Slacks Hem:  $25   Lined:  $35

Dress Slacks with a Cuff: $35. Lined/cuff $45

Alterations:  Rates are subject to what the alteration entails.

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